Meet Tess

Hey there! 

I'm Tess Pell and I am the sole owner and operator of In Good Company. I have a personal studio in my home, in Cleveland, Ohio, where I do all of my creating. I make jewelry out of solid precious metals and the majority of the stones that I use are natural.

I start each piece of jewelry with raw materials and I work the metal into the desired piece. I use traditional metalsmithing techniques such as hand sawing, soldering, forging, rolling, enameling, and stone setting. I love custom orders and will be glad to work with you personally to make the perfect piece of jewelry.

Some personal history: I started making jewelry when I was 8 years old. I began with friendship bracelets and moved on to knotted hemp jewelry. I chose to go to Kent State University for Jewelry/Metals and Enameling. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration on jewelry. I have been in the metalsmithing world since 2012 and I've never looked back!

Quality, sentimentality, and satisfaction are things that I focus on for In Good Company. Most jewelry should be made to last a lifetime which is what makes it so sentimental. For example, a ring that you can remember your grandma wearing your whole life is no longer just a ring, it has become a token of your love and connection to her that you are able to carry with you each and every day. Metal and stone are materials that can be reworked. This means your jewelry can be formed into a design you cherish as much as your loved one did the original piece.

Jewelry is important to me because love, sentimentality, and nostalgia are important to me. When you purchase a piece from In Good Company, I want that piece to last a lifetime.